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We offer Personal Training as well as group classes. Our classes are kept small so our clients can fully benefit from our coaching.

Some of the gym fitness group classes we offer:
* Lifting class
* AMP IT (High Intensity Training)
* Cardio kick-boxing

Online booking is open well in advance and closes 24 hours before scheduled class time. Booking is open to both members and general public and it is mandatory as numbers are limited in each class to keep our classes size small.
Please refer to our timetable for current classes schedule




Strength building classes focusing on three main lifts: Squat, Deadlift and Bench (Upper Body)

If you want to get stronger or keen to improve your technique on those movements, come and try this class!

This class is suitable for anyone, from novice lifters to more experienced lifters. We are technique driven we will teach you how to do these properly. Each session is kept small (max 6) so members can benefit on proper coaching

CASUAL RATE $18/session


This is a high intensity training designed for metabolic conditioning. Burn fat and build some muscle Be prepared to challenge your body to the max and sweat it out!

 Train in a fun, supportive and small group environment. Max capacity in this session is 8 people. Please book your spot online!
CASUAL RATE $18/session


Small group boxing circuit session. Great for cardiovascular fitness and building up muscular endurance.

Participants in this class are required to wear boxing wraps to protect their wrists.

If you are stranded without they are available for hire from the studio for $4

Group is kept small. Max capacity is 8 

Please book your spot online!

CASUAL RATE $18/session



Shape and sculpt your lower body!! This is a group circuit class and it's all about the lower half of the body- exercises are designed to target mainly core, abs, glutes and legs! We use mainly Kettlebells and TRX suspension system.  

CASUAL RATE $18/session


Keep your muscle supple and your mobility in check. Stretching is an important part of active lifestyle. When done regularly as part of strength training streching helps to reduce the risk of injury. Our stretch class is open to anyone. We can alter the intensity of the session based on indivual needs. 

CASUAL RATE $18/session