Want to do more classes, practice and have gym access without breaking the bank?  Then a membership is your best option.


Weekly syllabus classes: 1

Disciplines: 1

Practice sessions: 0



Weekly syllabus classes: 2

Disciplines: Up to 2

Practice sessions: 2



Weekly classes: 3

Disciplines: Up to 3

Practice sessions: Unlimited



  • Available disciplines: Pole, Lyra, Tissu and Trapeze
  • All memberships include access to general casual classes, ie: Flexibility/ Mobility (stretch classes), Strength & Conditioning plus any casual classes offered in their chosen discipline(s).
  • All memberships include access to the gym.
  • Casual classes must be booked online.  The schedule opens up a week in advance once the direct debit goes through. 
  • Must be paid for via direct debit.
  • Membership can not be cancelled or suspended in the first 12 weeks (1 full term)
  • 2 weeks written notice is required to cancel or suspend your membership after the initial 12 weeks.
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