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'Beauty in Strength'

Pole dancing for fitness had become increasingly popular way in getting fitter and stronger and the good news is anyone can give it a go!
Try this fun way of exercising minus the boring routine!
Our pole dancing for fitness classes are available from Beginner level (Level 1) right through to Elite level (Level 6+). Our syllabus are structured to allow adequate progression incorporating strength and fitness, preparing you for the next level.

We believe in quality coaching. Our classes are kept small (max 6 students in a class) so students can benefit from proper coaching and learning experience. 
Courses are run in 12-week term

Students can choose to purchase a pole course ( 12 weeks Enrollment ) upfront or purchase membership pricing option which give them access to a regular pole class plus any general casual classes and pole casual classes listed on the timetable.


Our level courses are run based on Terms. Each term is 12 weeks long and each class is generally 1 hour long. Some classes may run for  1.5 hr (90 minutes), ie: Elite level 

We teach classes according to our planned syllabus, allowing students to progress properly.

If you are new to pole fitness, Level 1 Pole is the class that you will need to enrol in.  
If you have done pole before or thinking of coming accross from  another studio and not sure which level is suitable for you, please contact us and we will gladly guide you into a level which is suitable for you.

Levels guide:
Level 1 - Beginner
Level 2 - Beginner 2
Level  3 - Intermediate 1
Level  4 - Intermediate 2 
Level 5 - Intermediate 3
Level 6 - Advanced
Elite Level

Enrolment for courses can be done via MindBody, using a web browser, not from the app.


Pole flow dance classes are casual classes

This is a choreography based class. Learn how to put on spins, tricks and/or transition moves into a routine, dance it out and make it look seamless and effortless - and have fun during the process! 

Booking is absolutely necessary and can be done via MindBody app (Levitate Fitness) 


Seen those photos with pole dancers doing splits or backbend on/off the pole?  You can do that too, if you work on your flexibility!

We have stretch and flex classes designed to suit everyone.  The 1 hour session is dedicated to conditioning and stretching specific muscle group to increase range of movement. 

Booking is absolutely necessary and can be done via MindBody app (Levitate Fitness) 


Studio is available at certain times for students to practice on things they have learnt in class.
Please check current timetable for practice time listings.

Booking is absolutely essential for practice time. Fees applicable

Booking must be made online via MindBody app (Levitate Fitness)

Need space to train whilst preparing for a competition or show?
Our pole studio is also available for private training hire or teaching of a group of people.
Please contact us for applicable rates.